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If it were easy anyone would do it….

http://moneyfortraveling.com/specialty/travel-writing/start-a-writing-career/ John invited me to chat about my travel writing and global networking experiences. I believe in sharing what I have learned.

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My 10 Back Packs

Great information on backpackers lifestyle and how to pick a backpack that fits your needs:  http://www.backpackeurope.com/packing/backpacks.html I admit to hoarding backpacks. You never know which pack you’ll need for the climate, trip length, culture, road best traveled.  Alas,  my very … Continue reading

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Breaking Into Travel Writing

The best tip I can give you is: learn to write short. Whether you plan to write for travel blogs, newspaper travel sections or glossy print magazines with gorgeous photos, editors prize travel writers who turn in tightly written copy. … Continue reading

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Ethics of Travel.

A Code of Ethics for Travelers ………………from the North American Coordinating Center for Responsible Tourism Travel in spirit of humility – desire to learn. Be aware. Listen and observe. Different time concepts and tought patterns. Instead of the beach, discover … Continue reading

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Building a Travel Story Idea

Building A Story Idea Portfolio Cultivating story ideas isn’t a mystery. The Writing Process starts with curiosity. What are you interested in? What stimulates your curiosity and drives you to explore a certain place or subject? The process runs like … Continue reading

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