Hitchhiker’s Guide to Earth

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Earth
–getting started–

I recently heard about a project initiated by Everett Pompeii — a college student currently studying in Japan.

In his words:
 “The more people you inspire to get out there, the better off the world is (in my view, anyway). Before we get too far, a bit about me. I’m a college student from the US, but I’m studying abroad in Japan. On the way here, I backpacked and hitchhiked through most of Australia, New Zealand, and the US’s East Coast. I’m currently working on a how-to manual specifically for travelers like me; it’s called The Hitchhiker’s Guide to: Earth. The project is on a crowd-sourcing website called Kickstarter, and it runs until June 29th, 7:00 PM EST.”
Everett asked me for advice and seems like a blog post might help spread word about his project.  Does he know I have about 20 different blogs? Have a look at his travel blog to learn more about this enterprising nomad’s paths.

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