Skipping Winter

NZ Palm TreeLong as I can remember, I’ve made an effort to skip out of Winter.  Cold kills my happiness, though I learned to enjoy X-ski during the years I lived above 45º N latitude.  Something about the lack of light, the inability to walk barefoot wearing shorts and a tee to grab the paper off the front lawn patch……Life is too short to wear parkas.

Still, there’s a compulsion to move  towards the Equator. One time all I had was 8o bucks and a jar of peanut butter, but I made it last nearly a month in the U.S. Virgin Islands, sleeping under the stars.  Stubby beers were only a dollar back then and local food was cheap.  I walked or hitched rides.

A few times, I managed to swoop to the Southern Hemisphere for a second summer. As a list maker, I plumbed memory to recapture those Winter escapes.
Big Snow Storm on 38th Parallel
Like most Canadians, I learned to clip coupons and save up for a winter getaway even while I was at university.

1970-1975 – Barbados, Fort Lauderdale, Bahamas, Sanibel Island, Puerto Rico, Saint Petersburg, Florida
1976-1977 – Big Sur and Santa Cruz, California
1978-79 – Saint Petersburg, Florida
1980 – Cumberland Island, Georgia, U.S. Virgin Islands – Saint Croix, Saint John
1982 – Costa Rica
1985 – Sicily, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Spain
1988-89 – South East Asia, Malay Peninsula, Indonesia, India
1990 – Yucatan, Mexico
1991 – New Zealand, Fiji
1992 – Hawaii
1995 – Hawaii
1996-97 – Hawaii, South East Asia, Indonesia
1997-98 – Mexico
1999 – Florida
2000 – Curacao
2001 – Pine Island, Florida
2002 – Panama
2003 – Gomera and Grand Canary, Canary Islands
2004 – Florida
2005 – Mexico
2006 – Hawaii
2007 – Kunming, China
2008 – Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
2009 – Cayman Islands
2010 – Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil
2011 – Coya Costa, Florida
2012 – South East Australia and Tasmania, Hawaii

2013 – Key Largo, Florida

Where to next winter? Belize, Ecuador, Hawaii, Tahiti, Capetown, Madagascar, Seyshelles, Sri Lanka — all are in my dreams. We’ll see what the winter weather brings!

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Dedicated reader, writer, and traveler. Book reviewer France Travel Adventures in writing Pyrenees Pilgrimage is about walking across France alone through the Pyrenees Mountains. It is available in Kindle or print-on-demand.
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2 Responses to Skipping Winter

  1. JT says:

    Is it the cold? The snow? The reduced sunlight? Why do you leave? Other than to see beautiful sights.

  2. DD says:

    dont forget the pit stop diversion in Uruguay on way to AR in 2010 and the quick drive through Brazil!

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