Skipping Winter

NZ Palm TreeLong as I can remember, I’ve made an effort to skip out of Winter.  Cold kills my happiness, though I learned to enjoy X-ski during the years I lived above 45º N latitude.  Something about the lack of light, the inability to walk barefoot wearing shorts and a tee to grab the paper off the front lawn patch……Life is too short to wear parkas.

Still, there’s a compulsion to move  towards the Equator. One time all I had was 8o bucks and a jar of peanut butter, but I made it last nearly a month in the U.S. Virgin Islands, sleeping under the stars.  Stubby beers were only a dollar back then and local food was cheap.  I walked or hitched rides.

A few times, I managed to swoop to the Southern Hemisphere for a second summer. As a list maker, I plumbed memory to recapture those Winter escapes.
Big Snow Storm on 38th Parallel
Like most Canadians, I learned to clip coupons and save up for a winter getaway even while I was at university.

1970-1975 – Barbados, Fort Lauderdale, Bahamas, Sanibel Island, Puerto Rico, Saint Petersburg, Florida
1976-1977 – Big Sur and Santa Cruz, California
1978-79 – Saint Petersburg, Florida
1980 – Cumberland Island, Georgia, U.S. Virgin Islands – Saint Croix, Saint John
1982 – Costa Rica
1985 – Sicily, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Spain
1988-89 – South East Asia, Malay Peninsula, Indonesia, India
1990 – Yucatan, Mexico
1991 – New Zealand, Fiji
1992 – Hawaii
1995 – Hawaii
1996-97 – Hawaii, South East Asia, Indonesia
1997-98 – Mexico
1999 – Florida
2000 – Curacao
2001 – Pine Island, Florida
2002 – Panama
2003 – Gomera and Grand Canary, Canary Islands
2004 – Florida
2005 – Mexico
2006 – Hawaii
2007 – Kunming, China
2008 – Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
2009 – Cayman Islands
2010 – Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil
2011 – Coya Costa, Florida
2012 – South East Australia and Tasmania, Hawaii

2013 – Key Largo, Florida

Where to next winter? Belize, Ecuador, Hawaii, Tahiti, Capetown, Madagascar, Seyshelles, Sri Lanka — all are in my dreams. We’ll see what the winter weather brings!


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Dedicated reader, writer, and traveler. Book reviewer on Travel on Adventures in writing: Pyrenees Pilgrimage is about walking across France alone through the Pyrenees Mountains. It is available in Kindle or print-on-demand.
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2 Responses to Skipping Winter

  1. JT says:

    Is it the cold? The snow? The reduced sunlight? Why do you leave? Other than to see beautiful sights.

  2. DD says:

    dont forget the pit stop diversion in Uruguay on way to AR in 2010 and the quick drive through Brazil!

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