Coastal Kayaking

Coastal Sea Kayaking

Rappahannock River, Virginia. Image: WkimediaCommons

Pushing to the edge of sunset, I’m paddling a sea kayak on a tributary of a Florida wilderness area, along the Eastern Shore coves of the Chesapeake Bay,  past coastal South Carolina barrier islands, or heading to a nature preserve on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec.

Seated so low it feels like I’m in the water, I dip the double bladed paddle quietly, cutting the slate blue water with a rotate and a thrust. This is sea kayaking at its best, serene and solitary, a moving meditation.

Life’s splendid experience :: to be one with moving water.


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Women dressed in flowing summer frocks pole a flat boat on a river.

Two Ladies Punting painted by Henry John Yeend King (1855-1924).


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