Mexico City: Frida and Diego’s Houses

Frida and Diego’s Houses in Mexico City

Casa Azul is a strangely moving museum — I really felt Frida’s presence, her spirit aura, ghost or something spectral.  Her white cotton embroidered dress with slight sweat stains around the neck hung on a display mannequin.

How could a visitor not feel her presence in the house built by her father, under the trees she planted and enjoyed in the courtyard, walking the same tiles and stones she trod or limped across.  Today the house is a meeting point for artists and writers from around the world who come in pilgrimage to the free spirits –  a lovely setting in a fine old neighborhood.

  1. Visit Casa Azul:  Av. Londres 247,  Del Carmen, Coyoacán, 04100 Mexico City
    +52 55 5554 5999
Courtyard of Mexico City house with blue walls where Frida Khalo lived.

Courtyard at Casa Azul   ©



Architecturally more significant is Frida and Diego’s modern double house and studio closer to the University (UNAM) and near the San Angel Inn, which was designed by their friend Juan O’Gorman, featuring a ‘bridge’ for the two artists to visit each other.  Each remained private within a shared house.

Visit the Studio-House:   Av. Diego Rivera 2, at the corner of Altavista. Colonia San Ángel Inn. Álvaro Obregón, Mexico City

Frida & Diego house-studio designed by Juan O'Gorman.

Studio-House designed by Juan O’Gorman ©


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